Friday, May 22, 2009

Three's a Crowd?

In honor of Mr. Tig I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures of my three kitties. I love my kitties very much and can't imagine life without them. They are there when I need them to hug or play with, or just to be and keep me company. Now that we have a son, I don't get to spend as much time with these fur-balls as I would like, and before ***** (aka Fritz) showed up, whenever the Hubs had to go away for work I would have gone completely insane with loneliness if it hadn't been for the cats.
Alfie likes to sit on this chair first thing in the morning. It's the brightest spot in the house in the AM so she knows she will get some good sun-drugging time. If I don't open up the curtain straight away she lets me know!

Boo and his favorite sleeping chair. If he isn't on our bed this is the only other place he will sleep. Sometimes I catch him on the couch but really only if Melba is there for him to cuddle with.

Melba is one of the sweetest most gentle cats I have ever known. One of her quirky problems? She always looks grumpy!!


Maria Rose said...

Love your beauties. I was sad to hear about Mr. Tig too!

..... Carmen said...

Thank you - Mr. Tig would be honored :) Give all three of them a snuggle for me :)

Christina Lowry said...

Hello mieow mioeows. You are so cute and cuddly. I have a big fat blavk kitty, and I like to think he will live forever...

Anonymous said...

How sweet to honor Mr. Tig - your kitties are super-cute!


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