Friday, May 8, 2009

On My Way Home

I am on my way home to my hometown later today. It is only 104 miles away from where I currently live, but I don't go too often. Tomorrow is the town-wide garage sale and my parents are participating, so they asked the Hubs, Fritz and me to come and help. Plus, it is Mother's Day on Sunday (my first official one!).
On the road home, I pass by some beautiful mountains. The Crazy Mountains still have tons of snow and when the sun sets over the top of them, it is something truly magical and beautiful.

Closer to home it is wide open spaces and blowing grasslands in the breeze. Completely open. But in this vast openness is a peaceful sigh in solitude.

Here is the tiny town. I think the population still hovers around 1,000 people. It use to be quite a bit larger when the railroad was still in operation, but after its closure in 1981 the town has drastically depleted. The surprising part of coming upon this town is when you reach the last hill before its entrance you can't see anything, but one second later 'POP' there it is. There is even a wind farm about ten miles north/east, and when you drive over the hill you can see these monster wind machines turning with the wind that is pretty much an every day occurrence. I don't miss the wind!!

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Maria Rose said...

I can't say I miss the town, but I do miss those beautiful mountains...and you!


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