Friday, May 15, 2009

Cats & Dogs-And Other Rain Stories

Last night we were pelted with rain. Slow, soft rain at first, then the hard, fast rain began. It was coming down so fast and furious we didn't know if we would be washed away! It was a pleasing sound however and especially with the knowing that in the morning with the twinkling waking sun, the grass would glow from its new potent mix of life.

Alfie the cat hiding under a drying umbrella.
With the pelting rain I was remembering a camping trip a couple of years ago that we took with some friends to my favorite mountains the Absarokas. With the couple living in a separate town from us, we decided to meet up in the small town before the road to the campsites. Of course things never work on a perfect clock and we didn't get to meet up with them until almost ten at night. By the time we made it to an open meadow campsite, it was a complete downpour. We knew that it would be way too late to travel any further to the campsite that we wanted to stay in, so we picked the quickest spot to set up fast, fall asleep, and break camp in the morning to continue our adventure. When we left the town for our travels it was a steady rain, but by the time that we started to get out the tents and camping gear it was a full on waterfall of rain pelting on our heads. Within three or so minutes we were completely soaked through. We got the tent set up and some tarps for added protection around, but by bedtime the coldness from the late evening and cold rain wouldn't let us catch much zzzzz's.
The next morning we got ready to go further in to the mountain to the place where we wanted to stay (Maria... do you remember Hicks park right before the meadow to take us to camp?). When we got there the rain clouds started to appear again. "Oh no!" we were all thinking at the same time. "Not a repeat of last night!" So out came the tarps again and we built rain and wind shields in case of flash flood of down poring rain. But luckily for us, the rest of our two days we had beautiful weather!


Lisa said...

I do love the sound of rain. Of course not when it down pouring into the tent.
Ahh, yes the misadventures of rain and tents..I've had some flooded tents in the past.
The picture is cute!

Monica said...

This is only one reason why I do not like to camp! I do love the smell of rain, though.

Maria Rose said...

I do remember Hicks Park, what a great place to camp! I need to take Eric out there.


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