Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Path Found

On Sunday, the Hubs and I decided to take Fritz on a little walk somewhere that we had not been before. We headed off to a different neighborhood about 10 minutes from our house, parked the car and thought we were just going to be walking around houses on the sidewalk. As we started I noticed a little path leading behind a house. In front of the path was a sign stating that it was an actual path for people to enjoy not just a private one. I was so excited for this. We followed the sometimes muddy trail for about twenty-five minutes and wanted to go more, but we had errands to run and it was getting cold/late. I am sure that we will be back many more times to discover more of our new discovery!
Pictures along the way... hopefully in the coming weeks when we return there will be green to be seen!

Pretty little birdie.

One of my favorite kinds of tree.

View of the Bridger Mountains.


Melanie said...

fantastic images. what a gorgeous area to be able to walk around in

..... Carmen said...

What a gorgeous find - and especially so close to home!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are really something - it's just beautiful where you live!


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