Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of The Backseat Driver

How's it going everybody?
I had a fun weekend with the folks, that's what's going on here. Mommy and Daddy loaded me in the car for a quick drive over to a couple of different towns. They have told me that they are considering moving closer to where Daddy works. He's suppose to stop working there soon, but would get a better paying job if we move and live there. So I guess they wanted to check out a town outside of the bigger one to see if Mommy liked it enough to buy a house there. She said "Yuck, this town is ugly!" So it looks like they would be going for the bigger town, but I don't really care as long as there is a big yard for me to play in. I can't really play in any yard yet, but I am getting closer to walking by myself so next year, grass here I come!
Then today Mommy and Daddy took me on a little adventure. They loaded up my bigger stroller and drove over to a neat part of the town we live in. There was this dirt trail that followed a little creek and the path was mostly surrounded by trees. It looked kinda ugly and dirty, but Mommy assured me that as soon as everything turned green we would come back lots to enjoy it! So when it is prettier, I'll post some pics for y'all.

Fritz signing off...

P.S. That's me up there in that picture. Daddy wanted me to stretch my legs so he let me stand on the car. There was this really fun thingy-ma-jig that let me hang onto it. Daddy said something about there being bugs (?) on it? Hmmm... how do I get those in my mouth?


Maria Rose said...

So, you decided to go to the bigger town eh? I don't mind, it's only a half a day from me!!! We can meet up for lunch. Any prospects yet?

Robin said...

No, no prospects yet. I am not allowing myself to look until August. That way I won't jump the gun. When we were there...all I could think about was I hope the house would have lots of big trees or a fence or something to block out the ugly!... Ugh... I hate that town. Oh well. It will be better (and your right... I would probably get to see you!)


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