Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update

I am almost done with another scarf! It is such a gorgeous color. I am falling in love with this aqua blue... I even have a hooded sweatshirt in this color, I couldn't resist! The scarf is a double stitch with popcorn stitches mixed in between. I made it so the popcorn is shown on both sides so no matter how it is worn, you can see them! The popcorn stitches are somewhat visible in the picture. Hope you all can see them!

I already picked out the colors for the next one. Fritz decided to help me reorganize my cupboard that has all of my yarn supplies in (um... ok, he really pulled everything out!) and I found the leftover purple that is maybe enough for one row. I thought "what the heck can I do with this?". I have a couple of the grey still floating around and only one of the dark green. Now I just need to figure out what kind of pattern, stitch I am going to do.


..... Carmen said...

The scarf is gorgeous and such a lovely colour!

Anonymous said...

That colour is so beautiful - and you are really rocking the popcorn stitch!


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