Saturday, March 7, 2009

Alone at the Movie

Yesterday (the day after my B-day) I decided it would be fun to head to the mall and do a little light shopping and to go to a movie, BY MYSELF!! Since my husband has been away during the week and only home on Saturday and Sunday, I haven't been by myself to do anything special since....?? Been to long if you can't remember! But yes, I did it. I went to a chic-flick movie and loved every minute of it. Proud of myself.
As I am typing this it is on our very brand new (only 3 hours since it was set-up) keyboard and flat screen monitor. My old keyboard would skip letters even if I hit the key. Very frustrating. The monitor is so much larger compared to my old big box one that I am having a hard time focusing as there is just too much more to see! The picture below is the new and improved computer desk. Love it!

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Maria Rose said...

Oh yes, we need to do that too!


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