Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Bad Ducky

Hi there. It's Fritz again. How you all doing? My week wasn't too bad. Slept, ate, pooped and played. Not too bad huh? Yep, I know you all are jealous that I don't have to do the nine to five thing. So anyways on to the story. One night when Mom was watching me take my bath she gave me a few toys to play with. I never had them with me in the tub before so I wasn't really sure what to do with them. Of course I had to stick them in my mouth first to test them out and see if they would meet my approval. Mom gave me a red monkey that scoops water in its belly and lets you dump it out. That one is probably my fave right now, but then Mom gave me the Ducky. Maybe I should say the Ducky from Hell! (oops bad word for me, huh?) I was curious about the yellow little thing with its soft eyes looking at me. I tried to grab it multiple times but it would always swim away from me. Stinking little yellow thing. It wasn't being very nice to me, so I decided maybe if I leaned down a bit further I could catch it and give it a good talking to. Show him who's boss, ya know? So I'm leaning down almost reaching it..... Finally touching it.... Pushing on its head.... What the crap?? The Ducky jumped down in the tub coming back up with full force and smacked me right on the mouth! This wasn't a nice kiss like Mom and Dad give me, it was a little on the mean side. So I try again, and the Ducky did it again!! He is sooo mean and I don't know if I want to play with him ever again, but Mom gave me a smile and laughed and told me it was ok. I guess I will have to believe her but I got my eye out on that little yellow demon.

See ya next time... Fritz signing off.
P.S. Stay away from the orange nose, that's the worst part!


Anonymous said...


Maria Rose said...

Yeah, those ducks creep me out too!

RunninL8 said...

OMGodess, that is the cutest pic!!!!!
Clowns. Now THOSE are freaky


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