Monday, March 16, 2009

Is it Here?

This morning I heard something strange coming from outside my bedroom window. What was this odd noise that has been silent for so many months? Carefully opening my eyes and ears to see if I was actually still in a dream state I wondered could this be true? Could this be what I am hearing? Birds chirping in the cool morning air! With excitement and a smile on my face I couldn't wait to get up to see the morning sun rising more in the sky. With the birds that have been vacant for so many months could this be a sign of the Spring to come? YES!
The outside air was cool and crisp, not cold and dreary of late. Wanting to hear the birds singing more and more I listened for awhile until I noticed all was quiet again. Oh darn. Oh well. They have gone back into hiding as the dark ugly clouds started rolling in for a winter storm on its way this afternoon.
I guess I will have to wait a few more days/weeks to have those beautiful spring mornings come alive.


Maria Rose said...

Oh but Montana spring is sooo worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

And then you blinked and it started to snow. Aahh LOVE spring in Montana.
Sarah Tolar

..... Carmen said...

Sounds just like here. We went from -30 to +5 in one week. Perhaps it makes us appreciate the sounds of Spring that much more?


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