Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Feast of Sweetness

A couple days ago, looking at some sad ugly brown bananas, I decided to make some bread with them. Getting out my supplies (Fritz helping out of course) I started to put together the makings for some delicious B-Bread. After a few of the ingredients went into the bowl I realized I didn't have enough flour to complete my task. Loading up Fritz in the car for a quick trip to the store across the street I knew we could still have some good smelling stuff coming from the oven in an hour.
When I walked into the store I spied a glorious color popping out and calling to me. AHHH... Strawberries! When I was pregnant with Fritz I rarely craved anything. Chinese food was occasional but I had so many food aversions during my entire pregnancy it was hard to eat really anything! I had two other cravings that were quite enormous. One was beer! I am not much of a drinker, a glass of wine here a beer there, but of course being with child this really wasn't an option. How funny to crave something that I normally don't eat/drink. I did succumb and treat myself to half a beer twice. Man it tasted soooo good. But the other thing I craved was, thanks to my friend Monica (who I worked with side by side for a couple of years) was Strawberries! She would bring in these perfect absolutely beautiful Strawberries and I would stare at her with drool running down my chin every time she would pop one in her mouth. Monica of course was so kind and would always take pity on me and hand over some of her treasure. After the first few I couldn't get enough! I think I must have ate well over a couple hundred towards the end of the pregnancy. After Fritz was born and Fall/Winter set in, I didn't have the craving anymore and out of season Strawberries are not that appetizing.
So as I am standing in the store to grab some flour I impulsively grab a box of some yummy goodness. I was so excited to eat these that even putting them in a drab old bowl would not do. I busted out one of my Grandmothers candy dishes to do the job. Somehow I think they tasted better this way! I also wanted to grab some Moet & Chandon that I have chilling in the fridge, but alas, still on cold medicine this probably would not have been a wise decision. Hopefully next time I grab some awesome fruit like this I will bust that bubbly out and have myself a real treat!


Maria Rose said...

Yes, strawberries. Right now I am craving Flathead cherries. MMMMMMMM

Monica said...

mmmm...strawberries! YUM! I bought some at Costco on Saturday....between 4 people they were gone that night! I need to get more.


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