Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

It snowed all day yesterday stopping only for awhile during the early morning hours, then picking up again for people headed off to work. But this snow was gorgeous! It was the thick, wet, heavy snow that sticks to anything that it touches. The above picture is the tree above our house and although the picture does not show the real beauty I couldn't help but snap one. It seems to always snow on my Birthday.


Also, and sadly, there was a natural gas explosion in our downtown destroying one complete building and damaging two others. The blast was so powerful it threw a car parked in front of the building destroyed to the middle of the street. Luckily (they believe as it is still too early to tell) there were no casualties. Now our beautiful downtown will sadly have a missing hole for awhile. I am just glad that nobody was injured.


As far as my Birthday celebrations?? Who knows? I am thinking I will go get my hair done (haven't had that since May of last year) and I thought I might go to a movie by myself at the theater. I have never gone by myself and have always wanted to. I have eaten at a restaurant alone but have never had enough courage to sit in a dark theater to watch a movie. Hmmm.. I am thinking a chic-flick sounds nice!


Its ME said...

happy belated born day, robin reality is inside you.

Maria Rose said...

I am sorry this is belated. I was out of town. Although I did watch some video footage with you in it while we were at my parent's house!

Happy happy birthday. I am so glad you were born!!!!


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