Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Off with the Hair!

I have issues with my hair. I love it. I hate it. It makes me cranky, happy, annoyed and sad. But it's mine. It has a terrible mind of it's own and only allows me control once in a great blue moon. The last time I had it "done" was May of 2008. Yeah, an extremely loooonnng time ago. However, one of the good things about it is I don't have to worry too much about the nastiness at the end. I can go well over a year with out cutting before it gets too dry and brittle.
Last night was one of those nights when I just couldn't take it anymore. Fritz would get his little fingers wrapped around a strand and pull with all of his little guy might. Ouch!! My hair had gotten so long that it was almost to the point of getting stuck in my armpits. Been there done that in 2002...not so good. So I told the Hubs to get his hair cuttin' scissors (he does his own) and whack off a few inches. Thinking that 3 or 4 would do well enough. I should have known better and NOT repeated my mistake from a vacation a couple of years ago when the Hubs got a hold of my hair with scissors then.
So instead of my asking for just a few short inches.... hmmm... maybe 7 or 8 came off! I think the Hubs had too much fun. "Besides," he said, "I love your hair short!"
Yep, should of known better. But, I have to admit, it does feel great to get those hair pounds taken off. Now I just need to adjust the color.


Anonymous said...

i have curly hair too so i feel your pain.

Maria Rose said...

Oh and your lovely curls!!!!!!!!!!!!

..... Carmen said...

WOW! I would be far too scared to let my hubby cut my hair! He did a great job! Love the curls :)


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