Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Luggage Heist (well, almost)

Hi y'all! Here I am again to tell a tale about my week!
When Daddy got home from his long week of work, I missed him sooooo much! I was so excited to see him that I couldn't even go to sleep that night thinking about all the things that I was going to tell him and all the things that I had planned for us to do! But alas, after a couple of hours of Mom and Dad trying to get me to go to sleep I finally gave in and went to dream land. The next day Dad and I played lots and Mom got things done around the house that she can't do while watching me. It was a good day but I kept noticing something that I didn't like seeing. It was a big black bag sitting next to the book shelf in the computer room. I have seen it before and have tried to talk to it to ask it what it is doing there (never responds, not nice!) but decided I had better things to do with my time. Ignoring it for a day I saw Daddy take some things out of it and got even more excited than when he comes home for work. Was he taking things out so he could stay and play with me all week?? I pondered this for quite awhile until just before bedtime I noticed that Dad was putting things back in the big black monster. What? Why? NOOOOOO! He was going to leave for work again, I just knew it! Well screw that! (oops, sorry another bad word-Mom is going to have to find some soap I guess.
So off I went army crawling all the way over to see if I could do something about this horrible situation. I didn't want Daddy to leave again so I thought maybe if I could hide his bag he wouldn't be able to leave! Yes! A perfect plan!
I crawled and crawled and launched myself off the tiny step leading down into the office area, tugging on the bag but it wouldn't budge one inch for me. I guess even if I had been able to move it where would I hide it? Besides, Daddy had his eye on me as he was working on the computer and I'm really not that sneaky yet. Give me a few years and we will see...
Dad started looking at me trying to reach his bag and told Mom that why doesn't he just take me with him this week to work! So he puts me in his bag to go with him. Oh Wow! This would be the best! I mean, I love my Mom but we are getting a bit sick of each other already spending all day long together and only having Daddy on the weekends. I wanted to go soooo badly, but Mom said something to Dad that I didn't catch and then Dad took me out of his bag. Oh well, maybe next time just me and Daddy can go somewhere special together.
'Till next time.....Fritz signing off.
P.S. Anybody know of a good pawn shop so when I am able to "dispose" of the bag next time I can get some cool cash??

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Maria Rose said...

Man alive he is so cute!


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