Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Special Surprise

I was awakened from a nap (yes, middle of the day-Fritz was up a lot the night before) from a man phoning me to get directions to my house. He told me why he needed to find my house, but in my sleepy daze I didn't quite understand. A few minutes later he arrived with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. For me! My wonderful cousin sent them to me for my Birthday (a few days early...good job cuz). I was so excited to have fresh flowers arrive for me I could hardly contain myself from jumping with joy! Isn't it always a treat to have such an awesome surprise? I am off to smell the blooms before bed. Goodnight!


Maria Rose said...

Lovely. Getting a good surprise is the best!

..... Carmen said...

They look lovely! What a nice surprise :)


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