Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Craft Update

Finally finished the gray scarf! I made the edges tighter so that they would have a bit of a wave. All of the sections have a different count of row as well, so it definitely makes it unique! Hmmm.... I might have to put this in the "keep" pile. This is the next scarf that I started on today. Only got a small amount done as Fritz came-a-calling for food stuff. Not sure exactly want I am going to do with the pattern yet. I have been wanting to do a scarf all in the single crochet line. More time consuming for me as it is (so simple) yet quite foreign for me.
I did finally bust out the beads and made three necklaces this past week. I don't have the patience for very intricate bead work (I use to, but lost the book on the how-tos and can't remember anything fancy) so they are pretty simple, but still fun and relaxing for me to do.
This one below is lime green small beads and triangle and square green beads mixed in with brown wooden cylinders.

This one was inspired from Valentines Day past. I guess I still had romance on the brain?

This is just a plain two rowed lime green bead. One row is solid and the other is mixed with longer beads.

I am actually working on an art piece at the moment as well with my "special" mixed media. Shhh.... it's a secret, can't tell.


Maria Rose said...

Wonderful. I particularly admire the valentine's necklace, it's so delicate!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful scarf! It's just so cozy looking. That necklace is also really pretty. You should join us for W.I.P. Wednesdays! You're so talented!


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