Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Monster Purr

Sunday morning, I awoke to a Fur Ball climbing on my head trying to reach the window above my pillows. In my delirious state I couldn't tell which cat it was. Usually Boo is the one to come and cuddle with me so I never once thought it would be Melba. Until I heard the Monster Purr. Melba rarely comes to visit/cuddle with me and when she does it is a really special time. She gets her motor running so loudly it blocks out all other noises. She stayed with me looking out the window for a good 20 minutes or more. She is not a lovey cat so I hated moving an inch in case I scared her off. But finally Fritz was crying to me to get up and feed him so my few treasured moments with my first "child" were over. This occurrence happens about once a year when Melba graces me with her presence in this form. I guess I have a long wait now until the next time.


Christina Lowry said...

Lets swap cats! Although I love my mad little cat, we have to sleep with the bedroom door shut. Other wise he climbs into bed with you and insists on laying on top of you and the pillow at the same time, or starts trying to kneed you with his paws (and claws) and suck on you! How I some times wish he would stay off the bed and just be a lap cat instead! :)

Maria Rose said...

Well, maybe she is starting something new...


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