Monday, March 9, 2009

Secret Passion

I have a secret. Not many people, wait, make that no one knows. I would love to be a dancer. After watching a dancing program on TV tonight it brought back all those desires to shoot across a ballroom floor like a firecracker. Feel the heat and sweat and aching muscles of a fast Cha Cha or the simmering seduction of the Tango. Even the slow romantic Waltz with a silvery long skirt swirling around my moving legs. I would love to be able to take lessons in any of these. Test my strength and my bodies limits. Maybe someday I will do this and sign my name up to learn something new, something I have always wanted to do and become. But for now it will just be my little secret.


Maria Rose said...

Oh you've got to sign up for a dance class! You'd love it. Were you watching Dancing with the Stars (I was)?

Robin said...

I did watch it last night, but it started last week when I was watching one of the actual competitions on PBS.

..... Carmen said...

This is a secret desire of mine too. I once was in ballet, around the age of 5, but it didn't last long. In all the photos the group is dancing together and I'm off in the corner doing my own jig. I'd love to give it another shot and see if my older wiser self could behave ;)


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