Monday, March 23, 2009

Naked Toes

Even though there was snow on the ground this morning, you can just feel it. Feel the warmth slowly creeping in moving closer to days above 40 degrees. With that feeling, off comes the shoes, off comes the socks, and what are we left with? Ahhh... naked toes and feet.

So where, do you ask, does the picture above of Boo come in? Well, besides Boo always trying to find the sunny spots for his catnaps, this time of year is also for one of his favorite pastimes. As my naked feet are exposed, Boo has a tendency to sneak up on me and give kitty kisses to my toes! Well, rather he licks them. Sounds gross but actually it tickles more than anything. I guess it his way of saying he loves me!


..... Carmen said...

Ah warm weather - we had a freakish dump of snow yesterday, but most of it has already melted again. Spring is trying so hard to appear! Can't wait :)

Maria Rose said...

Nice, I love the time of year when we liberate the feet!


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