Friday, March 20, 2009

One, In the Words

I have an addiction. At times I believe it is a little out of control, but ohhhh... so good for me.

I love books...
The way a new book smells or the quietness of a small used book store. I love any and all books. I haven't counted all of my collection for a couple of years as I think I would be too scared to know exactly how many I own, but I believe it is in the 200s?! See... an addiction.
As I was reading yesterday I stopped and had a curious thought. Of all the books in the world no one is reading the same word, the same sentence that I am reading at that moment past. Yes, the possibility of a different person reading the same book as me is quite likely, however not at the same chapter or paragraph (not counting read-alouds in book groups). How interesting I thought. Reading any book, it can take you to such wonderful places whether filled with light, sorrow, laughter or any emotion, but it's just you in that world. In that moment you are truly alone with those words filling the pages.


Anonymous said...

i share the same addiction as you. our tiny tokyo apartment is overflowing with them and still i want more. MORE!

i can also appreciate the way you think.

Maria Rose said...

Yeah, Eric and I have been packing our hundreds (and hundreds) of books for the past few days. It's a little out of hand.


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