Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random Irritations

I have done the Random Facts (nice ones) in a previous post, but now I thought it would be time to spill some of the beans on the not so (nice ones). How fun are these?

  • People who when they eat leave food all over their faces. So disgusting!
  • Clowns. I'm not afraid of them I just don't like them. Anytime I see one, I want to punch them in the face!
  • Socks left on the bedroom floor.
  • Drivers who talk on cell phones AND smoke at the same time. I mean, come on! Isn't the cell phone dangerous enough?
  • Dirty dishes in the sink. I have a hard time going to sleep when my kitchen is dirty!
  • Missing caps from pens. If one is missing and not to be found I have to throw the pen away!
  • Bubbles left over in the sink from washing hands/dishes.
  • Soap scum that dribbles down from the dispenser.
  • Crumbs left in the butter dish. Yuck!


Christina Lowry said...

Oh... I loathe clowns, I don't know why, but I can't stand them! Or even clown paintings or dolls, they give me goose bumps - evil things that they are! And crumbs in the butter, yuck. :)

Sassy Scribbles said...

'can't stand clowns either! ^0^

Maria Rose said...

My mother-in-law has an ENTIRE room filled with clown stuff, statues, dolls, piggy banks, embroidered tapestries, you name it. Seriously the room is only about clowns and serves no other function.
Looks like you touched on a hot point with the clown issue!


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