Tuesday, March 10, 2009

M.A.M. Intro

This is M.A.M. They are serious about their group. They do not like intruders or people gettin' in their business. They are a force to be reckoned with.


M. is for Melba Eugene (in the middle). She is the senior of the group at nine years of age. Although she has recently shed some serious pounds she is still the monster of the family. Any new people coming over to meet her, the first sentence out of their mouth is "Wow, that is a BIG cat". Melba is at a healthy weight at around 14 pounds although she is probably at 16 or 17 now. She is often called 'big fat paperweight' as she doesn't do much but lay around and beg for food. She was a farm cat originally and now her and the other two are all indoor cats. With her soft light green eyes and leopard spots on her tummy she is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen.


A. is for Alfalfa a.k.a Alfie. With her black and white body she is the smallest and youngest. Alfie is a little over three years old (so still very much the kitten in the family). We got her at the local shelter (Bozeman, MT) as a nine week old kitten. My husband says that she "duped" us, as in, when we were looking at her she was crazy about us and didn't want us to ever let her down. After she came home with us that all changed. But slowly and with patience on both of our parts she is becoming more and more a lap/lovey cat.


M. is for Murphy a.k.a. Boo. Boo is another shelter cat (Boise, ID) who stole my heart the first time I saw him. When he was a kitten he would always try to sleep under my chin. Now at the age of seven he still manages to get his big fat orange body under there. Although he doesn't understand that he no longer fits! He is my cuddle bug, always trying to sleep curled up by my chest with my arms wrapped around him (very nice in the cold winter months), or talking to me when I see him telling me he wants a belly rubdown.

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