Monday, March 2, 2009

A Pavement to Follow

I was thinking today how lovely it would be to find a different road that I have not traveled on and to follow it. Where would it lead? Would I drive straight through or find the nook and crannies and turn to those? A little adventure would be pleasing. My husband has been in a different town for work for the past five weeks, only coming home on the weekends, so just me and Fritz and our three cats are keeping me company. Yes, I have been a bit lonely, so why would I want to take a road trip by myself? Even though I have had limited adult interaction of late, feeling the freedom of solitude on the open road with me, my car and a bit of music is sounding very appealing.
Before I had a family I would do this impromptu drive whenever the mood struck. I worked nights for almost two years in a previous job so on my days off (roommates asleep) there wouldn't be much for me to do. Grabbing a coffee and my keys I would be off at two or three in the morning, never adventuring very far but always lost in my thoughts. The city would be silent, houses dark, an occasional vehicle passing me. Oh, how I loved to have nowhere to go! Following no specific destination just going where my hands on the wheel took me.

1 comment:

Maria Rose said...

Yes. I have always wanted to take a no particular destination road trip/ vacation. That would be a dream.


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