Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sundays with Fritz-The Case of the Yucky Carrots

Hi all! It's another addition of Sundays with Fritz, that's me! Today we are talking about carrots and their yuckiness! Yep, I think my expression below says it all!

When Mommy was first letting me eat solid baby foods, of course we had to try all different kinds to see what my likes/dislikes are. She hasn't found much that I don't like! Give me some fruit any day man, and I am a HAPPY camper! Love me the fruit! And yeah, I guess I like the veggies too, they ain't too bad. I do get an idea of what I am in for when Mommy opens up the container, and if she makes that funny face at what is coming to my mouth I get a little suspicious. Especially with Peas, yuck!!! They smell soooo gross. I can't believe that Mommy makes me eat something that she herself will not eat (she hates peas with a passion), but actually I don't mind them that bad.
But.... Carrots are a different story! OK, OK, I will admit I have been known to eat them from time to time but honestly they are not my fave or anything. Usually Mommy has to strip me down to my diapy if she plans on giving me the carrots as I have a tendency to put up a fight when I smell that orange goo coming my way. I kick... I stomp my foot... I try to whack the spoon out of the way... I even turn my head (yeah, that one doesn't work at all 'cause then I just get more crap on my face). Now I have noticed that my Mommy loves carrots. She likes them plain, with ranch, or her favorite way with peanut butter spread on them (yeah, sounds gross huh? Then again I don't really know what peanut butter is or what it tastes like). So I guess she thinks that I must like them too since she does. I don't want to disappoint her so I just go along with it and shut my mouth-well I guess opening it would work better but not as much fun!
As you can see in the picture below (if it is clear enough for y'alls computers) I had successfully gotten a couple of spoonfuls of the stinky, yucky carrot goo all over me! Mommy sure had fun cleaning me up afterword. Yep, she even told me she did!!

See ya next week folks! Fritz signing off...


Monica said...

I totally love that you love carrots, thus decide that he loves carrots as well! Love the big glob of carrots on his leg by the way. He may be stained orange!

Maria Rose said...

Nice! I recommend carrots with ketchup...yummmmmmmm


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